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5 Must-Haves You Probably Don’t Have in Your Car Emergency Kit

By September 3, 2019September 13th, 2021Insurance

Imagine this: You’re taking a road trip for a winter holiday. It’s snowing heavily, but you’ve driven in worse. 

Rounding a corner, you see lights flashing and cars stopped on the highway. There was an accident, and cars are at a standstill. 

You start to panic. Then you remember the car emergency kit you created a few months ago and stored in your car. All the essentials are in there, and you breathe a sigh of relief.


Most people know to stash food, water and first aid materials in their car emergency kit.  But there are some extras that are definitely worth having on hand. that you probably never knew about. Here are five things to add to your emergency kit:

1.   Hand and feet warmers: Hand and feet warmers will prove invaluable during the winter months.  They’re inexpensive and really easy to use: Simply shake the pouch—the more you shake, the warmer they get. Plus they take up hardly any room in your vehicle.

2.   A whistle: If you’re ever stranded and need to signal for help, a whistle can help you get the job done faster.

3.   Cat litter: Don’t have a cat? Still get it! If your car is stuck on the ice or snow, sprinkle a little cat litter around the wheels to help your tires gain traction.

4.   Toys or playing cards: If you’re stranded for hours at a time, any kid(s) in the car will get bored fast. Having some toys or games stored in the car will help to keep them entertained. Of course, adults can get bored, too—so stash some playing cards in there to help pass the time.

5.   Reflective tape:  If you’re stranded, you want to be visible. Reflective tape can help get the attention of drivers passing by. 

Many people don’t think of a car emergency kit until they actually need it. Don’t be one of them. Putting a kit together doesn’t take much time—and it could save you a lot of grief later on.

This article was brought to you by our friends at Erie Insurance. Miller’s would like to extend its gratitude to Erie Insurance for both being a wonderful business ally and for letting us use the articles found on their blog, Eriesense.

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