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Four Things You Should Do After a Car Rollover

By December 9, 2016September 23rd, 2021Insurance, Personal Insurance

car flipped upsidedown
Rollover accidents are rare, but they certainly occur. Rolled-over cars are frequently left by the roadside, as direct assistance often struggles in removing the wreckage before an auto insurance company is contacted. It’s a good idea to know how to react after a rollover.

Always protect yourself. Before the rollover occurs—if you can—remove your feet from the pedals to avoid breaking your ankles. Release the steering wheel. Cross your arms against your chest.

Rollovers can be deadly, but knowing how to deal with them can spare injuries and even death. Once the rollover has occurred, take the following steps, if it is safe to do so.

Step One: Turn Off Your Engine

Turn off your engine immediately, as an upside-down engine can be disastrous. Fuel leaks and combustion don’t mix, and a rolled-over vehicle may be at risk of fire or explosion. A lot of car insurance agencies suggest the same tip. Cutting the engine can reduce additional damages caused by upside down operation.

Step Two: Stabilize and Unbuckle

To get out of a rolled-over car, you’ll need to stabilize yourself. Assuming you’re wearing a seatbelt, you’ll be hanging upside down. Check for any injuries first, then reach for the ceiling. Brace yourself with one hand, and stabilize your feet on the floor. Carefully unbuckle yourself, and lower yourself down. If you are injured and feel that getting out is more dangerous than staying in, don’t risk it.

Step Three: Create an Escape Route

If your door is stuck, you’ll need to create your own escape route. Purchase a window punch tool, and keep it somewhere close by. In an emergency, you’ll need it to punch out your window. If you don’t have a window punch tool, you can use your headrest to puncture a window. Check out this guide.

Step Four: Look for Traffic, and Stay Back

The danger isn’t over once you’re outside the vehicle. Never crawl from a turned-over vehicle without watching for traffic first. Once you’ve escaped, and once you’ve helped other passengers out, you’ll need to stand off the roadside. Get as far away from the vehicle as possible, as an explosion can still happen.

Call 911, and contact your auto insurance provider if another driver was involved in the accident. In many cases, car insurance companies cover for rollover damages. If your accident was the result of ice, snow or a wet road, your auto insurance plan will likely protect you. Always have a plan, and stay calm. A rollover is incredibly dangerous, but it isn’t inescapable.

Do you have other tips for what to do in case of accidents? Comment below. If you have questions about our auto insurance packages, explore our web site and call us today.

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