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What Insurance do You Need When You Move in Together?

By February 1, 2020September 13th, 2021Insurance

When you and your significant other decide to move in together, things will change. Here’s another thing to consider adding to your moving day list: updating your insurance.

Take a break from taping those boxes and read this quick checklist to make sure you’re on the same page with your insurance needs.

  • Earn discounts for combining policies: If you share your abode, your cars and your expenses, you have the option to combine auto insurance policies and receive a multi-car discount. This means all cars in the household are listed under one policy and both drivers are “Named Insureds” on that policy.

    Also, you may be eligible for additional multi-policy discounts. These can help you save when you purchase renters, homeowners or life insurance policies.

  • Keep your belongings safe: Whether you’re renting, buying or building, make sure the contents of your home are covered through a renters, homeowners or condominium insurance policy. Don’t forget to protect yourself and your partner. Erie Insurance offers Identity Recovery Coverage so your financial identities are protected, too.

  • Protect your future: Life insurance can protect not only what you have now, but also what you might have in the future, like the desire to provide children with a college education. Talk to an Erie Insurance agent about whether a term, whole life or universal policy is right for you.

Your new home is about so much more than four walls and one address – it’s about a life you’re building together. Talk to a Miller’s Insurance agent today for your complimentary insurance assessment.

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