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What Type of Commercial Auto Insurance Do Chauffeurs Need?

By May 22, 2017September 23rd, 2021Business Insurance, Insurance

photo of a white limo with a Chauffeur standing in front of the limo

Working as a chauffeur could be an excellent opportunity. Today, more people than ever are turning to third parties to providing driving services to them in the hopes of reducing the environmental impact of vehicles or just to save on owning a car. And, of course, the limousine industry is also growing. If you own this type of business, what type of commercial auto insurance do you need? It is important to work closely with your business insurance agent to ensure you have the right type and amount of coverage for your specific business.

What Does Chauffeur Insurance Include?

When choosing chauffeur insurance, there are several key factors to look for that makes this type of commercial auto insurance a bit different than a typical plan.

  • Personal injury insurance. This type of coverage will protect against claims made against you by other people. It can help to cover your medical bills, rehab, funeral expenses, and lost wages should someone get hurt. This includes pedestrians and other drivers.
  • Underinsured and uninsured coverage. Your job has you on the road much more frequently. This is why you may need to up the amount of uninsured and underinsured coverage you obtain.
  • Property coverage. Your vehicle is your source of income in this industry. You’ll need to maintain the best level of financial protection for it. It should usually protect against risks related to theft, vandalism, fires, and collisions.
  • Employment practices liability. Since this is your place of business, your vehicle should have coverage for this type of risk. It can help to cover you should you face risks related to sexual harassment or discrimination claims.
  • Property damage liability. Your plan should include an enhanced level of liability insurance to cover any property damage. Coverage should extend to both you or your employees cause while on the job. This will cover your legal defense in these matters as well.


It is important to remember that, as a chauffeur, you need business insurance. This should include general liability insurance, workers’ compensation, as well as business interruption coverage.

Commercial auto insurance is a very important to ensure the success of your business. This is a very complex industry and the risks can be high in some areas. With comprehensive coverage, you don’t have to worry about risks impacting your ability to earn a living.

If you’re a chauffer who needs Downingtown commercial auto insurance, look no further. Miller’s Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you get the coverage you need at an affordable price. Call us at (610) 269-4500 for more information.

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