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5 Classic Ways to Have Fun

By July 17, 2015September 23rd, 2021Insurance

Summer will be gone before you know it, get outside with friends and family and have some fun!

It’s hard to imagine a time where games weren’t on a touch screen surface, where conversations weren’t over text, and socializing didn’t involve social media accounts. Maybe you’re tired of watching your kids invest so much time in their electronics or maybe you’re the one that needs to unplug. Whatever the case may be, Miller’s is interested in bringing back tradition. Below are a few things to keep your family happy and busy, and none of them require a Wi-Fi password.

Invest in a Ball

Remember back in the good ol’ days when fresh air and physical activity was an everyday event? We know many people think it’s a dying fad, but it’s quite important. Invest in a ball- any kind of ball; basketball, soccer, tennis, lacrosse, Ping-Pong, etc. Your kids might have a knack for a sport they haven’t tapped into yet, so try them all out! Fall is right around the corner, so now is the time!

Take a Walk

Your kids are likely busy switching the radio or texting their friends while you chauffer them to school, sports, and appointments. Introduce them to the scenery they’ve been missing out on by going for a walk. It’s amazing how fresh air, tall trees and blooming flowers can drastically improve your mood. You’ll be more energized and appreciate nature just a bit more, win-win!

Play Cards

When’s the last time you played a round of Go Fish? You’ve probably forgotten about how fun it is, and your kids may have never even played it! Teach them a few games and declare one day a week Family Game Night. Play a round or two after dinner and forbid cellphone use during this time. Not only will it be a blast, but it will bring you all a little closer together.

Ride a Bike

Visit a trail or simply ride throughout your neighborhood. Your kids can enjoy some playful competitive racing and you can enjoy the gentle breeze and sunshine. This is a great post-dinner activity that aids in digestion and serves as a substitute to TV. You and your family will be a little bit healthier, and happier.

Sidewalk Chalk

The possibilities are limitless when it comes to sidewalk chalk! Have your kids lay on the pavement and trace them with the chalk, allow them to do the same to you. You can then color in your chalk-person by creating funky hairdos and creative outfits. Play tick-tack-toe, hopscotch, or hot lava. Let your inner-child take the reins on this one and be sure to get the whole family involved!

Miller’s is determined to increase the quality of your life in any way we possibly can. If you have a topic you’d like to see featured on our blog, let us know! To learn about the many ways we can protect you and your family, contact a Miller’s Insurance agent today.

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