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How Having Pets Impacts Home Insurance Rates and Coverage Needs

By September 27, 2017September 23rd, 2021Insurance, Personal Insurance

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Does having a pet increase how much you will pay for home insurance? In some situations, it may.

From the perspective of the insurance provider, pets may pose a higher risk than not having them. Animals can hurt others, making them a higher risk for liability. This may drive rates up for homeowners.

However, not all pets raise rates. And, many pets will not impact your costs at all. Take the time to discuss the animals you own with your insurer. Be sure the insurance policy accommodates for any pet you do own.

Why May Owning a Dog Increase Home Insurance Cost?

Insurance companies may increase the cost of home insurance premiums if a large dog is present in the home. Typically, the risk is that the animal could bite someone that visits your home. This could create a case of negligence or personal injury. This could mean a significant insurance claim.

The type of pet you have often matters. Domestic cats are unlikely to pose this risk. The insurer may not raise costs for cats, then. Dogs, on the other hand, may be more expensive to insure.

The size of the animal plays a role in this increase in cost. Larger dogs may be more likely to cause damage because they are significantly larger. This includes mastiffs, for example. Other breeds that insurers may associate with higher risk include pit bulls, German shepherds, Siberian huskies, Doberman pinschers, and Rottweilers. Other dogs may fit into this mix. Any dog that is a wolf-dog hybrid may also be a high-risk animal.

Non-Domestic Animals in the Home

If you don’t own a farm, but you have exotic pets, this may also increase your risks. Your home insurance is likely to cost more as a result. For example, if you own larger cats, wolfs, snakes or primates, your costs might be higher. These animals are more likely to cause an injury to others if they escape.

What to Do Now

If you have any type of animal in your home, let your home insurance agent know. He or she will need to understand the type of animal. Then, they will determine the amount of risk present.

Don’t fail to inform your agent. Doing so could mean denial of a future claim if that animal causes an accident. Ample liability insurance is necessary for any home where animals are. Talk to your agent about what your needs are.

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