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Let’s Talk About Life Insurance

By September 10, 2018September 23rd, 2021Insurance, Personal Insurance

paper that says 'life insurance' at the top
Let’s get real: It’s not always easy to talk about life insurance.

The annual Life Insurance Awareness Month campaign from Life Happens aims to change that.

In this video, spokeswoman Danica Patrick – professional athlete and entrepreneur – discusses her personal journey and the importance of life insurance for living a financially fit life.

“In life, you have difficulties, you have struggles,” Patrick says. “I think you can enjoy life a little bit more when you have a little less to worry about. And for me, that’s where life insurance comes in.”


If you’ve been putting off thinking about life insurance, set aside time to make a plan this September.

To start, learn more about our affordable (and flexible) life insurance options. When you’re ready, talk to an insurance professional like a local Miller’s Insurance agent. We’ll help consider the variables, lay out the options and make the process comfortable and efficient.

This article brought to you by our friends at Erie Insurance. Miller’s would like to extend it’s gratitude to Erie Insurance for both being a wonderful business ally and for letting us use the articles found on their blog, Eriesense.

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