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Will Home Insurance Cover Accidents in Your Driveway?

By January 29, 2018September 23rd, 2021Insurance, Personal Insurance

picture of a home with a blue car in the driveway

Accidents can occur anywhere in the home. Many times, the location does not matter. Your homeowners insurance will cover the loss.

However, the driveway can become an area of concern. If an accident occurs here, does your home insurance cover it? Does your car insurance kick in? A variety of factors play a role in this process. What is most important to you, though, is to understand the type of coverage you have in each type of incident.

You Hit a Parked Car in Your Driveway

Let’s say you are backing out of the driveway and hit another car in the driveway. In this situation, your auto insurance is likely to provide coverage for damage. It will likely cover damage done to your car (if you have collision insurance) or another party’s car. Liability insurance will pay for the damage to another person’s vehicle if it is not on your personal policy. Collision insurance covers damage to your car or any vehicle owned by you and on your policy.

Someone Falls in Your Driveway

What happens if someone is walking up your driveway trips and falls? In this case, your home liability insurance may offer coverage to the individual. It will not pay for damage to your home. It will provide coverage for the medical bills another person incurred. However, if you have a posted hazard notice about the driveway, and someone visits it, your coverage may not apply. They may not have the ability to file a negligence claim with you.

Your Property in the Driveway Suffers Damage

Damage you cause to your property does not have coverage on most home insurance plans. For example, if you damage the mailbox by running it over with a scooter, the insurance might not cover the loss. It may help you if someone else caused the damage, however. Talk to your insurer about how your policy will cover driveway damage.

Something Falls on Your Assets in the Driveway

A tree falls and damages a piece of property in your driveway. Your home insurance may offer some coverage for this situation. However, it will depend on the cause of the damage. Your auto insurance may offer some coverage if a covered vehicle suffers damage.

In every situation, the details matter. Work with your home insurance provider to better understand the type and amount of coverage you have. Driveway accidents are rather common, and unique insurance rules will apply. Proper insurance minimizes the risk you will pay out of pocket for your losses from them. Call us for a comprehensive insurance review at 610-269-4500.

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